With the development of scientific technology, What will you invest on ?

Some people  may   think   it   right  to  invest  money  on   precious metals ,diamond , jade   and  so  on.        But   I  believe  that   with the development of scientific technology, you  will  find  them become   increasingly   cheap .      For  example , in the future  people  can  travel  to  other  planets  very easily,  it  is  very  possible  for  them to discover  some  large  gold mines   ,then   the price of gold  will  fall  sharply.             You  should  pay  attention  to  other  fields.       You   can  try  to  collect   some  ancient   coins  or   some  paintings  because   their   value   will  be  more and more  expensive.   But   you  need  to grasp  a large  amount  of  knowledge about   them   at first ,or  you  may  be  cheated

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